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Monday, August 3

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Thank God it's Open Friday (Corinna Baldauf) Potomac 4Corinna Baldauf Introduction to Agile: The Genesis (James Newkirk) Chesapeake 4/5/6Jim Newkirk Tribal Leadership for Agile Teams (Steffan Surdek) National Harbor 4/5Steffan Surdek Improvisssssing With Agile (Paul Goddard) Potomac 5/6Paul Goddard The Secret Sauce of Agile - A Culture of Great Meetings (Laura Burke, Jean Tabaka) National Harbor 10/11Laura Burke Olson • Jean Tabaka Old Code, New Tricks (Scott Ford) National Harbor 8Scott Ford Team practices applied to how we deploy, not just what (Abigail Bangser) National Harbor 12Abby Bangser The Magic Carpet Ride: A Business Perspective on DevOps (Em Campbell-Pretty) National Harbor 6/7Em Campbell-Pretty Navigating the Complexity of Organizational Change (Jason Little, Declan Whelan) Potomac 1/2/3Jason Little • Declan Whelan Government Product Owner: What to expect when they’re expecting (Salah Elleithy, Darren Hoevel) Chesapeake 1/2/3Salah Elleithy • Darren Hoevel Three Keys to Self-Direction and Leadership (Christopher Avery) Potomac CChristopher Avery Learning 3.0 - Relearning to Learn (Manoel Pimentel Medeiros, Caio Silva) National Harbor 3Manoel Pimentel • Caio Silva A (Story Map) is worth a thousand words (Elliot Susel) National Harbor 13Elliot Susel Scaling Agile Projects to Programs: Networks of Autonomy, Collaboration and Exploration (Johanna Rothman) Potomac DJohanna Rothman Stalwarts: Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson (Ron Jeffries, Chet Hendrickson) National Harbor 2Chet Hendrickson • Ron Jeffries Learn like a Scientist: Designing Experiments Using Lean UX (Will Evans) Chesapeake 10/11/12Will Evans Customer Vision for better Feedback and more Product Success! (Mario Moreira) Chesapeake 7/8/9Mario Moreira

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Going All In: Lessons Learned in Agile IT at Harvard Business Publishing (Elizabeth Ross) Potomac 4Elizabeth Ross Introduction to Agile: An Agile Talk on Agility (Mitch Lacey, Peter Provost) Chesapeake 4/5/6Mitch Lacey • Peter Provost Mentoring vs Coaching: Show Me the Difference (Lyssa Adkins) Potomac CLyssa Adkins Strategy Mapping: Clear path to a successful Agile strategy (Dave Neuman) Potomac 5/6Dave Neuman Beyond Error Handling - Using Design To Prevent Errors (Michael Feathers) National Harbor 10/11Michael Feathers Don’t refactor. Rebuild. Kinda. (Wouter Lagerweij) National Harbor 8Wouter Lagerweij Facilitating Operational Retrospectives: 'postmortems' minus the blame (J. Paul Reed) National Harbor 13J. Paul Reed Scaling Agile: Patterns and Anti-patterns (Monica Yap, David Grabel) National Harbor 3David Grabel • Monica Yap A Leaner PMO in the Federal Government (Fadi Stephan) National Harbor 6/7Fadi Stephan Leading in a complex world (Hendrik Esser) National Harbor 12Hendrik Esser Games Gone Wild (William Krebs) Potomac DWilliam Krebs Lightning Talks: People (Crowd Sourced Voting) (Lightning Talks) Chesapeake 10/11/12Lightning Talks How long will it take? Probabilistic forecasting for math mortals (Larry Maccherone) National Harbor 4/5Larry Maccherone Stalwarts: Linda Rising (Linda Rising) National Harbor 2Linda Rising The Product Owner's Guide to Writing Acceptance Tests (Paul Carvalho) Chesapeake 7/8/9Paul Carvalho Consensus That 'Sticks' (Jeremy Kriegel) Chesapeake 1/2/3Jeremy Kriegel The Customer CAN always be Right
 - Business Agility through Customer Collaboration (Aakash Srinivasan) Potomac 1/2/3Aakash Srinivasan

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Liven Up Agile Learning with Code Jams (Sondra Ashmore, Jodi Jones) Potomac 4Sondra Ashmore • Jodi Jones Synthesizing Continuous Deployment Practices Used in Software Development (Akond Rahman) National Harbor 8Akond Rahman Introduction to Agile Development Practice Basics for Everyone (not just Developers) (Tim Ottinger) Chesapeake 4/5/6Tim Ottinger Diagnosing and Changing Stuck Patterns in Teams (Marsha Acker) Potomac 1/2/3Marsha Acker Drive: How we used Daniel Pink’s work to create a happier, more motivated workplace (David Mole) National Harbor 13David Mole Abuser Stories: Reduce Software Vulnerabilities by Thinking Like a Criminal (Judy Neher) National Harbor 3Judy Neher Launching MSN on Azure a Story of the 76 point checklist (Eric Passmore) National Harbor 12Eric Passmore Did We Buy or Just Lease the Agile Car? (Matt Anderson) National Harbor 6/7Matt Anderson Agency and Department Adoption of Agile: Lessons Learned and Recommendations (Joshua Seckel, Jerry Frese) Chesapeake 1/2/3Jerry Frese • Joshua Seckel Six Rules for Change (Esther Derby) Potomac CEsther Derby The Experimentation Mindset (Doc Norton) National Harbor 4/5Doc Norton Games for Learning about Conflict Resolution (Ellen Grove) Chesapeake 10/11/12Ellen Grove Metrics: A prison or a road to freedom? (Natalie Warnert, Brandon Carlson) Chesapeake 7/8/9Brandon Carlson • Natalie Warnert Product Owner Team: Leading Agile Program Management (Dean Stevens) Potomac DDean Stevens Your User Stories Are Too Big! (Chris Sims) National Harbor 10/11Chris Sims Stalwarts: Jeff Sutherland (Jeff Sutherland) National Harbor 2Jeff Sutherland Do the tester role survive in a test infected team? (Juan Gabardini) Potomac 5/6Juan Gabardini

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