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Tuesday, August 4

09:00 EDT

Strategies for adopting Test Driven Development in operations (Ranjib Dey) Potomac 4Ranjib Dey Understanding Digital Cardwall Usage (Judith Brown) National Harbor 8Judith Brown Introduction to Agile Testing: Everyone Owns Quality (Lisa Crispin, Janet Gregory) Chesapeake 4/5/6Lisa Crispin • Janet Gregory Create Influence, On Demand (Bernie Maloney) National Harbor 3Bernie Maloney Being Agile: Having the Mind-set that Delivers (Gil Broza) National Harbor 10/11Gil Broza It's more than feature toggles: Enabling Applications for Continuous Delivery (Daniel Piessens) National Harbor 13Daniel Piessens Reflections on an 18-Month Federal DevOps Transformation (Dan Craig) Potomac 5/6Dan Craig Not Doing SAFe? No problem. Not doing these? Big Problem (Al Shalloway) Potomac DAl Shalloway Challenges for Agile in Government - “Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast” (Bob Payne, Beth Miller) Potomac CBeth Miller • Bob Payne Agile Productivity (Bill Wake, Tim Ottinger) National Harbor 4/5Tim Ottinger • Bill Wake How Managers can Nurture Teams to Thrive (Selena Delesie) Potomac 1/2/3Selena Delesie Agile Passionfruits: Growing Agile Champion capability through a Learning Culture (Renee Troughton) Chesapeake 1/2/3Renee Troughton Visioning – the Practical Art and Artful Practice of Conceiving Complex Products (Alan Goerner) Chesapeake 7/8/9Alan Goerner Stalwarts: Jeff Patton (Jeff Patton) National Harbor 2Jeff Patton Automated Testing of Mobile Apps (Karl Krukow) National Harbor 6/7Karl Krukow Agile UX Design and Innovation with the 10:3:1 Process (Andrew Bragdon, Peter Provost) Chesapeake 10/11/12Andrew Bragdon • Peter Provost

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10:45 EDT

User group dying? Time to build a state-wide learning network! (Mark Kilby, Stephanie Davis) Potomac 4Stephanie Davis @iamagile • Mark Kilby Introduction to Agile with Distributed Teams: Working with Remote Team Members (Jutta Eckstein) Chesapeake 4/5/6Jutta Eckstein Conflict: To Know It Is To Love It (Doc List) Potomac DDoc List Eat Risks for Breakfast! (Mike Griffiths) National Harbor 10/11Mike Griffiths Agile and Beyond: How Far Can You Go in Embedded Software Development? (Andreas Dharmawan) National Harbor 8Andreas Dharmawan Data Done Right: Applying Agile and XP Concepts To Enterprise Data Integration (Joseph Frazier, Randy Loushin) Chesapeake 1/2/3Joseph Frazier • Randy Loushin Three Things You MUST Know to Transform Any Sized Organization into an Agile Enterprise (Mike Cottmeyer) Potomac CMike Cottmeyer Agile White House: How the TechFAR & Digital Services Playbook are Transforming Government (Aaron Pava) National Harbor 13Aaron Pava A Systems Approach to Modern Leadership (Matt Barcomb) National Harbor 3Matt Barcomb Blow the 'Self-Sealing Logic' Bubble (Oana Juncu) Potomac 1/2/3Oana Juncu Lightning Talks: Process At Scale (Crowd Sourced Voting) (Lightning Talks) Chesapeake 10/11/12Lightning Talks Living the Trade-offs: Interactive Agile Roadmap Building (Todd Olson) Chesapeake 7/8/9Todd Olson Why Winning the Lottery is More Predictable than Your Agile Project (Daniel Vacanti, Bennet Vallet) National Harbor 6/7Daniel Vacanti • Bennet Vallet Stalwarts: Ahmed Sidky (Ahmed Sidky) National Harbor 2Ahmed Sidky Explore with Intent - Exploratory Testing Self-Management (Maaret Pyhajarvi) National Harbor 12Maaret Pyhäjärvi The UX Connection: Driving Innovation on an Agile Project (Hugh Beyer) Potomac 5/6Hugh Beyer Our business pipeline is broken (Salah Elleithy, George Dinwiddie) National Harbor 4/5George Dinwiddie • Salah Elleithy

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14:00 EDT

The Agile Architect: Our Experience in Discovering A Successful Pattern (Chris Edwards, Sean Dunn) Potomac 4Sean Dunn • Chris Edwards Introduction to Agile Requirements: User Stories, Backlogs, & Beyond (Ellen Gottesdiener) Chesapeake 4/5/6Ellen Gottesdiener Rewire Your Brain: Practices to Use Brain Plasticity to Become a Better Coach (Sarah Baca) Chesapeake 10/11/12Sarah Baca Retrospectives: Moving From A Subjective To An Objective World (Prateek Singh) National Harbor 4/5Prateek Singh A Gentle Introduction to Reactive Extensions (Hadi Hariri) National Harbor 8Hadi Hariri Technical Excellence Doesn't Just Happen--Igniting a Craftsmanship Culture (Allison Pollard, Mike Rieser) Chesapeake 7/8/9Allison Pollard • Mike Rieser Incident Response Patterns: What we have learned at PagerDuty (Arup Chakrabarti) Potomac 5/6Arup Chakrabarti The Secret of Our DevOps Success: Fostering Human Behavioral Change (Mark Nemecek) National Harbor 12Mark Nemecek Reinventing Organizations - Enterprise Agility (Olaf Lewitz, Michael Sahota) National Harbor 3Olaf Lewitz • Michael Sahota Whole-Team Dynamic Organizational Modeling (Raj Mudhar, Catherine Louis) Chesapeake 1/2/3Catherine Louis • Raj Mudhar A Quantum Physicist and an Agile Executive Walk into a Bar (Jean Tabaka) Potomac DJean Tabaka Is Agile Project Management an Oxymoron? (Michael Nir) National Harbor 13Michael Nir Rebranding as a Product Delivery Office: Transforming Uncertainty into Knowledge (Pat Reed, Walt Wyckoff) Potomac CPat Reed • Walt Wyckoff Stalwarts: Dean Leffingwell (Dean Leffingwell) National Harbor 2Dean Leffingwell Prototyping: Iterating Your Way to Glory (Melissa Perri, Josh Wexler) National Harbor 10/11Melissa Perri • Josh Wexler Towards A Theory & Methodology Of Test-Driven Design (Jonathan Berger) National Harbor 6/7Jonathan Berger Be More Than a Proxy (Diane Zajac-Woodie) Potomac 1/2/3Diane Zajac

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Facing Fake-To-Fake: Lessons Learned from Distributed Scrum (Vincent Tietz) Potomac 4Vincent Tietz Introduction to Agile Leadership: Recognizing and Removing Impediments (Thomas Perry) Chesapeake 4/5/6Thomas Perry Example Driven Design: Creating Story Maps with Examples (David Hussman) Potomac CDavid Hussman Are We Doomed to Sticky, Tricky, & Icky?: Women and Men Working Together on Agile Teams (Sharon Buckmaster, Diana Larsen) National Harbor 10/11Sharon Buckmaster • Diana Larsen Scaling the Social Fabric of Agility (Eric Willeke) National Harbor 13Eric Willeke Open Source Patterns of Cloud Native Architectures (Andrew Clay Shafer, josh long) Chesapeake 1/2/3josh long • Andrew Clay Shafer Rescuing legacy software from impending doom (Refactoring from the trenches) (Martin Cronje, Jacques De Vos) Chesapeake 7/8/9Martin Cronje • Jacques de Vos The 10 Myths of DevOps (Seth Vargo) National Harbor 4/5 Agile Capitalization: Invest in the Future (Dan Greening, John Horton) National Harbor 12John Horton So what do we do with the architects? (Ryan Bergman) National Harbor 6/7Ryan Bergman Agile Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence: A Disciplined Approach (Scott Ambler) Potomac DScott Ambler Thawing the “Frozen Middle” (Em Campbell-Pretty) Chesapeake 10/11/12Em Campbell-Pretty Games to Learn Stuff (Michael McCullough, Don McGreal) Potomac 1/2/3Michael McCullough • Don McGreal Budgeting vs Estimating for Agile Projects (Debbie Madden, Rex Madden) Potomac 5/6Debbie Madden • Rex Madden Stalwarts: Craig Larman and Bas Vodde (Bas Vodde, Craig Larman) National Harbor 2Craig Larman • Bas Vodde Example Mapping (Matt Wynne) National Harbor 3Matt Wynne Agile Contracts: Blast Off to the Zone of Collaborative Systems Building (Drew Jemilo) National Harbor 8Drew Jemilo

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