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Wednesday, August 5

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National Geographic: How To Implement Agile Processes In A 127 year old Magazine Tradition (Constance Miller) Potomac 4Constance Miller Introduction to Agile Product Management (Rich Mironov) Chesapeake 4/5/6Rich Mironov Coaching Flow: Moving Past Resistance (Mike Lowery, Esther Derby) National Harbor 10/11Esther Derby • Mike Lowery Build Strong Teams through Trust & Alignment (David Hawks, Doc List) Chesapeake 1/2/3David Hawks • Doc List Stop “Going Agile”! The three conversations you need to have before you start. (Heather Fleming) National Harbor 8Heather Fleming Essential Skills for the Agile Developer (Al Shalloway) National Harbor 4/5Al Shalloway How DevOps Will Fix Government IT: Agility in a Low Trust Environment (Mark Schwartz) National Harbor 12Mark Schwartz A Roadmap to your very own Yellow Brick Road (Matt Arena, Bhupendra Ubeja) Chesapeake 7/8/9Matt Arena • Bhupendra Ubeja Using a Design thinking process to approach a shift to Agile culture (Angel Diaz-Maroto Alvarez) Potomac 1/2/3Angel Diaz-Maroto Agile Planning and Estimating Techniques in a Federal World (Brandon Raines, Edric Spruill) Potomac CBrandon Raines • Edric Spruill Waterfall comfort in an agile world: Give Federal Execs the answers they 'used to get' (John Hughes) National Harbor 3John Hughes Territories, Not Hierarchies - Pressfield's War of Art as a Frame for Modern Leadership (Gary Pedretti) National Harbor 6/7Gary Pedretti Your Assignment: Use Agile to Teach Yourself Agile (Richard Kasperowski) Chesapeake 10/11/12Richard Kasperowski Kicking off an Agile Product, Team and Culture (Darren Hoevel) Potomac 5/6Darren Hoevel Research Short Papers (10 Minute Presentations) (Rafael Prikladnicki) Open JamRafael Prikladnicki Stalwarts: Jim Benson (Jim Benson) National Harbor 2Jim Benson Agile Testing in the Enterprise (Janet Gregory) Potomac DJanet Gregory

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14:00 EDT

Lessons learned from testing a mission critical and complex system (Melanie Hopwood) Potomac 4Melanie Hopwood The Prevalence of UX Design in Agile Development Processes in Industry (Tina Oevad) National Harbor 8Tina Oevad Introduction to Agile Helpers and Guides: Working with Coaches and Consultants (Ray Arell) Chesapeake 4/5/6Ray Arell Great Coaching Conversations Workshop (Martin Alaimo, Olaf Lewitz) National Harbor 10/11Martin Alaimo • Olaf Lewitz Agile Jesters, Magicians, and Clowns: Using the unexpected to move mountains and your team (Adam Weisbart) National Harbor 3Adam Weisbart The Agile BA: For an Agile team...you complete me! (Robert Woods) Potomac 5/6Robert Woods From Zero to Continuous Validated Learning: Lean Startup on PaaS (Chris Sterling) Chesapeake 10/11/12Chris Sterling Hands-on: Let's save some Legacy Code (Arlo Belshee, Llewellyn Falco) National Harbor 13Arlo Belshee • Llewellyn Falco The ABCDs of Database Development: Always Be Continuously Delivering (Elizabeth Ayer) National Harbor 12Elizabeth Ayer Entangled: Solving the Hairy Problem of Team Dependencies (Troy Magennis) National Harbor 4/5Troy Magennis The Agile Value Chain — Embracing Agile Throughout the Enterprise (Ken Rubin) Potomac DKen Rubin Road to No Management (Pawel Brodzinski) Potomac 1/2/3Pawel Brodzinski Introducing getKanban v2.0: Lean Principles for Experiential Learners (Cheryl Hammond) Chesapeake 1/2/3Cheryl Hammond Taming the Agile Release Planning Beast (Linda Cook, Doug Depew) Chesapeake 7/8/9Linda Cook • Doug Depew Stalwarts: Luke Hohmann (Luke Hohmann) National Harbor 2Luke Hohmann A Poet's Guide to Automated Testing (George Dinwiddie) National Harbor 6/7George Dinwiddie User Story Mapping: Don't Lose the Big Picture (Jeff Patton) Potomac CJeff Patton

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Can you be remotely agile? (Mark Kilby) Potomac 4Mark Kilby Introduction to Agile in Government Agencies (Sujatha Augustine) Chesapeake 4/5/6Sujatha Augustine Global Teams: Cracking the Culture Code (Mike Palladino, David Bulkin) Chesapeake 1/2/3David Bulkin • Mike Palladino To collaborate, let's stop talking first (Lyssa Adkins) Potomac CLyssa Adkins Sustainable Test-Driven Development (Scott Bain) National Harbor 12Scott Bain Introduction to Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) (Bas Vodde) National Harbor 10/11Bas Vodde The Sprint 3 Revolt - How our large scale transformation nearly failed (Raj Mudhar, Jason Alexander) Potomac 5/6Jason Alexander • Raj Mudhar Value Stream Mapping Workshop (or: Improve your Organizational Efficiency) (Nayan Hajratwala) Chesapeake 10/11/12Nayan Hajratwala 'What?', 'So what?', 'NOW WHAT?' How to use data to influence others (Larry Maccherone) National Harbor 6/7Larry Maccherone Can you hear me now? Start listening instead (Judith Mills) National Harbor 3Judith Mills Lightning Talks: Technical and People (Crowd Sourced Voting) (Lightning Talks) Chesapeake 7/8/9Lightning Talks Agile Chartering from Strategic to Tactical: Managing Risk & Quality (Ainsley Nies, Elizabeth McClellan) National Harbor 4/5Elizabeth McClellan • Ainsley Nies Stalwarts: Elisabeth Hendrickson (Elisabeth Hendrickson) National Harbor 2Elisabeth Hendrickson UseTables to Drive out Ambiguity/Redundancy, Discover Scenarios, and Solve World Hunger (Ken Pugh) National Harbor 13Ken Pugh User Experience Branding: How to build products that create loyal customers (Bill Beard) National Harbor 8Bill Beard No Dream Crushing: Human Centered Solutions using Design Thinking (Kathryn Kuhn, Skip Angel) Potomac 1/2/3Skip Angel • Kathryn Kuhn

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